Sunday, May 3, 2009

La Folle Journée – バッハが時空を超えて帰ってくる!


This morning, I listened to Fabio Biondi’s Vivaldi. For 3 days, I will be visiting Tokyo International Forum for La Folle Journée concerts. Europa Galante was very charmingly Italian completely understanding where to acupuncture for listeners. In this small ensemble of about a dozen players, solo parts of violin or cello definitely show up as stars, but among supporting staff brilliant was the viola player.
I often think that the original model of “tristesse allante” is in Vivaldi, and in parallel his music contains a specific mechanism of gallant appeals to the audience through its phrasing that may make Vivaldi such a fun to stage for musicians.
La Stravaganza was most impressive in today's program to me.

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