Thursday, April 30, 2009

It can’t be like this elsewhere - 他所の国ではあり得ない?


There is one thing still good to be in Japan.
In April, I misplaced something precious, and even twice! First was my cellular phone. I guess it slipped out from my trousers’ pocket when sitting in the bus. Noticing it was missing after getting off the bus, I phoned (using my wife’s) to Keikyu Bus Company and the operator kindly arranged to inform the driver to examine the seats at the terminal. One could have just removed the SIM card and sold off this highly functional mobile, so I felt very lucky to have recovered it.
Second was my pass case that was lost during a train ride. My prepaid transportation card Suica was also my credit card, therefore it cannot be left behind. I phoned the card company to cease it, and walked to the lost-and-found office in the station to notify it. At that time I frankly gave it up by 90% but the regret was the case itself, a product of Valextra that my son bought for me in Italy a few years ago. Then late in the evening the phone rang at home. The call was from the station to tell me “the stuff was found”.
I have seen our staff from overseas lost various things over the years here; a coat, their souvenir, or even the passport left in a train. As they came back to them safely, they always cried out in admiration: This won’t happen in my country!

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