Friday, April 3, 2009

焼津の桜 - Sakura in Yaizu




Exceptionally beautiful sky for the spring on Thursday and Mt. Fuji was crisp and clear from Tokaido-line train windows. As I approach Yaizu, I happened to find cherry trees along a promenade going uphill just before Seto River, a true flare in a country passway, and I really wanted to be there.
Getting off the train at Yaizu, I chose Grand Hotel to stay which offered a full ocean view from hilltop, a genuine hotspring outdoor bath, and you can see Mt. Fuji from their backyard promenade. I took a shot of the Mountain behind blooming cherries.
My destination this time was Inn Kampo which was in the other side of the hill facing my hotel, and the concierge negatively advised me that it would be too distant for a walk, but I did not depend on it because these people in the country tend to always rely on cars and never walk for themselves. It actually took only 20 minutes from the hotel to the entrance of “Cherry Tunnel”, and from there an easy walk uphill for about 10 minutes under the full-bloom blossoms was literally gorgeous. The trees were impressively tall with nothing preventing them from growing.
In Yaizu, I saw another Sakura-watching spot in town along the River Koishigawa by Nishi Elementary School. In the river numerous carp was jumping and playing under the blossoms. What is most marvelous here is that you seldom see people, unlike Tokyo, and you can enjoy the full privilege of a relaxed Sakura-watching.

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