Saturday, August 6, 2011

体調がイマイチで - I don't feel great these days...


While my body condition with a slight fever and coughing remained unimproved after the last 70km long run, the chorus training this morning was some “exercise” because the conductor proceeded with the real tempo for the concert which was fast, and there were only two tenors and the only partner of mine tended to rely on me to sing. So my fever went up a little in the afternoon.
I felt my body much relaxed as I had been to Hoya yesterday to have the body massage. I have been receiving the treatment occasionally for about a year by the masseuse who opened a facility in the residence, and it is a kind of relief to have someone who stores my physical situation in memory just like a trainer for athletes. This time, I was a bit surprises to find that the femurs and the buttocks still had the mussle fatigue caused by the long run. Additionally, the right joint of the waist was stiff. This indicated a few things to do before and after the running: One is a series of stretching for cool-down and another is balancing the amount to accumulate in the trainings for the targeted long run.

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