Friday, July 29, 2011

Kaieda Wept in Diet – 海江田の泣きべそ

Facing with edgy questions by LDP repeatedly, Banri Kaieda Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry wept in Diet today displaying his mental fragility. Boys used to be taught in the old days never to show tears to others, and it was a tradition in Japan, or the culture with the sense of shame. (So shame on Kaieda.) I would say to him, “if you have time to cry, work more with it!”
We assume a Dietman to execute tough manipulation of politics, and in contrast with such a weak mind, how could Tepco or even the Ministry be governed? If he is already too stressed, he should resign before the Cabinet gives up because the worst possible scenario would be his suicide with dispair, and it may not necessarily trigger P.M. Kan’s resignation.


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