Tuesday, July 5, 2011

オクタリンクはお蔵入り? - Octalink is History?




I’ve got brand new FC-5502 Shimano 105 crank set. In those days was there only the normal crank, and the standard 53/39T rings work well in the general road running. I can now leave the Octalink BB sticking to the frame and fit the cranks to it, but I tried to push the wrench geared to the BB once again, and this time the ring moved slightly. It looked too late anyway but the following process of removal was quite smooth.
I bought a Taiwanese tool, LIFU 11B1 for this process that required a slim metal bar to rotate, but I could not find such a bar handy at home, and I borrowed Shimano TL-UN74 from my friend. This one used 300mm long monkey wrench and thus it could be hit hard by a hammer if wanted. 11B1’s feature was the additional compatibility with ISIS brackets and it would work efficiently if only the BB is not resistant.
This outcome was an unexpected headache to me because I had to think which to choose in front of 105 and Centaur compact set. I of course bought 105 additionally as I was determined, but if I expand my activity plan beyond flat road running toward long tour rides that would inevitably include some significant altitude gaining, the answer is almost obviously for Centaur. Unfortunately, the color matching of bronze Ultra torque BB Cup and aluminum CAAD9 frame looked rather unsophisticated.
Jitensha Parts COM finally reported me today that they managed to collect the ordered parts and the shipment would be expected toward tomorrow, and I can soon practically build my bicycle with the help of my friend, and I can discuss this matter with him then.

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