Thursday, June 30, 2011

オクタリンクの束縛 - Octalink Binding Bracket


Wiggleからは不良交換のDeuterリュックが29日朝に届いた。こちらから返送して3日目には受領のメッセージが来て、翌日には処理完了を確認できているので、いつ頃届くか見込めていたし、10日足らずで海外からここまで迅速な対応は文句の付けようがない。新しいRace EXP Airはなぜか精悍な面構えに見えた。


No particular progress seen in building my road racer so far. I made a complaint call to Jitensha Buhin Com and the manager Ishihara received it. He maintained his low profile and said his apologies repeatedly with regard to the shortage of Shimano component supplies, and then mentioned some positive comments such as having gone through another channel for procurement, my standing being the second in line now, the responsibility to follow this matter entirely on his own. Consequently, I failed to strictly remain as a difficult customer.

The replacement Deuter rucksack arrived from Wiggle in the morning of 29th. 3 days after my return shipment, I received their confirmation of the receipt and their processing by the following day, so I could expect how soon it would come back. Nothing to complain to this efficiency that took less than 10 days for the entire replacement process in overseas. This time the product, Deuter Race EXP Air, looked very sturdy and dependable.

I worked on removing the bottom bracket as I borrowed an Octalink tool from my friend, but the BB was completed locked with the frame and rejected to move even slightly. I repeated my hard work spraying CRC and hammering the wrench in vain. The rest might be bringing this to a bicycle shop…

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