Monday, June 13, 2011

ホイール・セット – Mavic Ksyrium Equipe

CAAD9フレームが2007年の製品に対して、ホイールは2005年頃と初期のマヴィック・キシリウムで、最もエントリー・レベルのエキップに決まった。あまり迷わずヤフオクを眺めてさっさと落とした中古の戦利品だが、使用頻度の少なさかリムの美しさはちょっと驚くほど。重さを量ってみると、クイックリリースとスプロケットなしの本体部分で約1.9kgと、最新モデルが1.7kg弱まで軽量化をしているのとはかなりの差だ。但しこれはリムテープ込みの重さ。スプロケットはUltegra 10S 12-27Tを搭載。キシリウムは「硬さ」で知られる製品のようで、硬めのCAAD9フレーム共々どんな足回りになるか興味が尽きない。

さてこれまで僕はチューブラー・タイヤ専門でやってきたのだが、ここに来て時流に従いクリンチャーに乗り替えることになった。タイヤ選びがまた悩ましい話になるのだが、これは友人のインプットを参考にPanaracer Extreme EVO3にしてみた。Wiggleから届いたExtremeは未包装版ということもあってか、そこらから拾ってきたものみたいに雑な風体で、これをリムに収めるのは美的には不安な作業になりそう。チューブはBridgestone Extenzaの標準品を組み合わせると、重さは278gとまずまず軽め。


Mavic Ksyrium Equipe was chosen for the wheels. They were the product of about 2005, an early version of this series and the entry level Equipe model while the CAAD9 frame was the product of 2007. I won this through Yahoo auctions without much thought into variety of options and alternatives to choose. The rims were surprisingly beautiful that suggested limited time of actual uses by the previous owner. The weight of the wheel set was about 1.9kg excluding the skewers and the cassette which seemed rather heavy in comparison to its latest model weighing less than 1.7kg. Ultegra 10-speed 12-27T cassette came with the wheel which was what I wanted. Ksyrium wheel is reputed for its stiffness and it is very interesting to see how hard the bike would be when assembled with another stiff CAAD9 frame.

I have been using only tubler tires for years until today, but now the wheels chosen are clincher-type that is more popular these days. Then the choice of tires emerges as a new headache, so I relied on my friend and ordered a pair of Panaracer Extreme EVO3. What I bought was the unpackaged version of Extreme at Wiggle that looked rather rough when delivered, and I felt worried about the overall look when paired with Mavic. I bought Bridgestone Extenza 23C tubes separately and this combination is relatively light and weighs 278g.

The tubes have arrived in the morning and I started assembling the wheel without tire levers. Panaracer tires are said to be tough to install and indeed I wasn’t sure if I could finish this with bare hands. Some 10 minutes of sweating work managed to put the first tire in place, and then the second round in the same manner. It was done but I did not even have gloves and my smarting thumbs turned red.

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