Thursday, June 9, 2011

ロードレーサーを組む – Building a Road Racer Bike

ここしばらく自転車で旅に出ることを夢想していた。それに適したクロスバイク、例えばTrek 7.5fxでも買おうかと考えていたのが、急転回でやや過激なマシンを組み立てることになったのは、ヤフオクで出物のフレームに遭遇したからだった。背景にはヒルクライムなどに血道を上げている友人とのやり取りも影響している。
そのフレームはアルミの名品とされるCannondale CAAD9だ。今、乗っているマシンは20数年昔の製品で、パーツはシマノ105で構成されているのでそれなりのグレードだったと思うが、もはや隔世の感があるので今回はパーツの使い回しはせず、すべて最近のパーツを集めることになった。これから完成まで、その進展をここでレポートして行こうと思う。しばらく自転車特集です。


I’ve been dreaming of a few-day tour to somewhere on my bike recently, and thinking of a suitable, new bike such as Trek 7.5fx for example. A sudden change resulted rather radically to build a much smarter road racer because I came across with a fascinating frame in Yahoo auction and also because of some influence by my friend who actively runs the roads and the hills.
Cannondale CAAD9 is a legendary aluminium frame. My current bike is well more than 20 years old now and while the quality was reasonably high with all Shimano 105 components, it is by no means modern and therefore I have to collect contemporary parts from the scratch for Cannondale. This is the prologue of my detailed report until the completion.

The channels of the component purchases are firstly Yahoo auction for rather expensive items, and then BICINET and for the most. Also I used Wiggle in UK because it offers free shipping for more than 7000 Yen purchases approximately. I received the delivery today on 9th of the items ordered on 5th, which is almost as prompt as domestic shopping and some items are available in quite a good deal.

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