Thursday, June 2, 2011

後がない首相 - Prime Minister is Cornered


What are those politicians thinking? In the chaotic post-disaster situation, they ran into pure politics appallingly. I can see the argument that Naoto Kan is far from being acceptable, but LDP continued to elect disappointing PM’s every several months e.g. Shinzo Abe, Yasuo Fukuda and Taro Aso. Also, they are the one who assumed responsible for the entire nuclear power plant arrangements in the past. Sadakazu Tanigaki only demands Kan’s resignation without clear departure from their own past nor alternative vision statement, which does not look very dependable. I think all the Members of Parliament are responsible mutually for the present situation with no exception. You should move in to Fukushima for a while, all of you, live there with evacuated people, and think and discuss what needs to be done now.

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