Monday, June 6, 2011

ケント・ナガノ、青学オケを振る - Kent Nagano at Aoyama


I went to Supporting Charity Concert for East Japan Disaster yesterday at Aoyama Gakuin University auditorium. Kent Nagano decided to conduct the student orchestra during his short visit, and the auditorium was fully packed. Nagano’s interpretation of Dvorak No.9 was very elegant. With the following piece of Bach’s “the Art of Fugue”, my impression was that the students were not much familiar with Baroque phrasing. And then Mihoko Fujimura, mezzo soprano, sang 5 Japanese songs for children to conclude this concert. I say this with my own experience but amateur players tend to be vague at the entry note of phrases and lack with confidence in their own to sing out the melodies proudly. I felt the same with the students. Nonetheless, this opportunity with the Maestro must have been a very precious moment for them. This was indeed a splendid project and the whole income will be donated to Ohtsuchi town in Iwate prefecture to buy music instruments for their elementary and middle schools where everything was washed away by tsunami.

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