Thursday, June 16, 2011

Campagnolo Ultra Torque – カンパニョーロ・ケンタウル

今回のセットでさらに尖っているのがベアリング部分だ。標準パーツに替えて何とセラミックベアリングのEnduro Ultra Torque BBが装着されている。このカスタマイズだけで通常1万以上のコストがかかるアップグレードで、回転性能の向上に手応えが期待できる。


Originally, I considered getting Shimano 105 crank set for about 12,000 yen budget, but a conversation with the previously mentioned friend of mine about how ugly Shimano’s product design was for their current crank sets eventually stimulated me to focus on a bid of Campagnolo Centaur carbon crank set of 50/34T rings. Once the hesitation in budget is overridden, the look and the design of this product exactly matched my taste. Particularly attractive was the radical shaft structure design of Ultra Torque in the sense it looked as if treading on thin ice. The delivered product that I won beamed through its appearance how the previous owner treated it with much affection. I felt more serious about transferring and continuing the same.
Even more edgy in this set was the bearings: In place for the standard component, it was equipped with Endure Ultra Torque BB that used ceramic bearings, and this customization alone would cost some $1500. This upgrade will show off proudly its rotational efficiency on the bike, I expect.
The actual installation will be arranged with the assistance of my friend when I prepare all the components, so it will still be a while away.

As for the crank set, what I am truly after is Rotor’s Q-Rings made in Spain. I am totally enchanted by their concept of oval rings, but I would save it for the next opportunity of upgrade.

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