Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cannondale C2 – シートピラーとステム


ハンドルはヤフオクを物色していて、Profile Design Dromoというセクシーなカーボンハンドルにムラムラっとなったが、カンパニョーロのケンタウル・クランク落札直後ということもあって流石に9000円の投入は断念、冷静にショートリーチ、シャロードロップ(400/120/70)の無印OEM品を手にして満足している。

C2 components were chosen for the stem and the seat pillar from Cannondale line-up taking the cosmetic and the weight in consideration. C2 pillar is of carbon weighing 248g and the stem is only 115g, much lighter than C4 stem. I was fully satisfied with them until I found the handle bar was a bit far from the saddle. The stem length was nominally 90mm but it looked longer and I measured it to find approximately 95mm. The seat tube is more tilted than my current bike to push the saddle further back. Additionally C2 pillar’s offset is long 25mm. Whether I replace the pillar or cut the stem short, I would see the clear direction when the cranks were put in place.

A rare saddle fell into my hands. The manufacturer HAPR is quietly reputed for their steadiness, and the model Superlite is their anatomic saddle of only 203g with gelled cushion and is rumored about rather stiff seating. I came across with a very sexy carbon handle bar of Profile Design Dromo but I had to avoid bidding for some 9000 yen particularly right after I won Campagnolo crank set, and happily obtained a short-reach, shallow-drop (400/120/70) non-branded product instead.

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