Friday, July 22, 2011

Running from Zushi to Nerima - 逗子>練馬を走る

It was luckily cool today for July, and I decided to run my old bicycle from Zushi to Tokyo home in Nerima. My younger son volunteered to use it there, and I thought it good for me to exceed 50km with this exercise. The last run for almost 30-year old bicycle.
Originally, my thought was to leave Zushi at 6 in the morning that would ensure my arrival before noon, but I didn’t feel great this morning and woke up at 5:30. I ended up leaving home at 8 with an option to get back in mind if the wind was strong. Typhoon moved out further from Japan, but I could see its infulence with the wind against me from northeast. I still thought it was not too bothersome and I could manage it.
Gee, River Tamagawa was very far from Zushi. I imagined 3-hour ride but it exactly took 4 hours and it was 50km away. I got to the riverbank at noon, and had amino vital sport gel and two rice balls for quick lunch.
Then I took Kampachi (Loop 8) that was very comfortable with no ups and downs, and in only 45 minutes I arrived at Nishi-Ogikubo where I did not forget to buy some black-beans tea. The total distance was 69.1km and it took 309 minutes.
I was occupied in running and the photo taking was totally out of my mind, therefore this is the only one at the goal.


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