Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ensemble Rococo – 25周年クリスマス・バロックコンサート


December 21 at Tokyo Bunka-Kaikan small hall. Many listeners gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ensemble Rococo’s Christmas Concert. The group consists of Mr. and Mrs. Shintani (flute and cembalo), Mr. Obata (oboe) and Mr. Kikuchi (cello), and they create precisely harmonious and top quality baroque music. Their instruments are indeed the core of Bach music, and by adding necessary strings and also a soprano (for BWV202 cantata) this time, the program was very pleasing.

Particularly impressive was cello partly because my focus recently tends to be swayed by the basso continuo. They are the pace-maker of Bach’s music with the absolute tempo under their control to begin with, and while letting the main melody by violins dance around on the surface, the basso independently weaves its own beauty of counterpoints in parallel, which makes the cellist inevitably feel privileged. In that sense, Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in the evening was superb, and even further brilliant was Trio Sonata G-major BWV525 that they played in the end of the program.

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