Sunday, December 11, 2011

湘南を走る - Run for Full View of Mt. Fuji



I woke up in the morning and felt as if my entire body was filled with huge fatigue. I ran yesterday 68km along the Shonan coastline including Shonan Village, Misaki harbor and Miura beach with a friend of mine. Originally our plan was a hill climb in the northern pass of Tokyo, but the weather went into the complete winter last few days, with some snow and possibly frozen roads, so we decided to avoid risking ourselves. Minura Peninsula was warm and the Route 215 from Misaki to Tsurugizaki was so comfortable to run and offered plenty of nice views.
We also enjoyed clear and white Mt. Fuji yesterday, and I thought of even wider view of it to capture along with a finer tuning of RD-7900 derailleur, so I tried to compress my dullness and ran out of home around 11 a.m. heading for somewhere near Hiratsuka of Tomei expressway. It shouldn’t be exhausting since the distance is 25km or so.
The route I took was good for bikes mostly, although bike riding is not generally safe in Japan: I took Route 32 from Hase, Kamakura to Fujisawa, then went to the north exit of the station. From there to Tsujido was a straight line of road in parallel with the railway. I then took north up to Shin-Shonan Bypass. There was an underway beneath the Bypass. At Chigasaki Chuo, the Bypass splits and by that time Mt. Fuji can be seen in front and larger. I simply kept heading west watching the mountain and ended up with Okazaki Ohashi bridge. As I was already content with the view there, I took a short break at Seven Eleven store a few hundred meters ahead. The rest, I went down south to the coast and accelerated my pedals on Route 134 back home.

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