Saturday, December 24, 2011

Weihnachts-Oratorium – 東京バロック・スコラーズ

この演奏会ではエヴァンゲリスト他ソリストも合唱団員が努めていて、バスは合格点。皆さん大変な曲をこなすなあと聴き入る。あくまでもアマチュアを集めた合唱団で、総じて図抜けた歌唱力を発揮するところまでは行かないが、よく声質が揃えられている団体という印象だった。先月聴いたEnsemble 14はカンタータ中心なのに対して、こちらは大曲という取り組み方の違いがあるのかな。

December 23 at Ogikubo Church. A small church to contain perhaps less than 100 visitors, and the concert was Bach’s Christmas Oratorio by Tokyo Baroque Scolars with organ accompanied. The highlight of the day was probably Mr. Hiroshi Miura, the conductor who handled narrations for himself with his beautiful voice, and it greatly helped the realization of dramatic progress of the story in music. He must have been associated in stage performances elsewhere.
The soloists as well as the evangelist were picked from the choir members, and the bass was good among them. Singing those difficult pieces is a high challenge definitely as the soloists are required to carry different set of skills. The choir as a whole may not have a remarkable ability of singing, but their timbre was well matched to achieve uniformity.
The seats were already filled as the premise opened, and then after 30 minutes, about 60 choir singers were filled in front of the audience. Where I sat was only 2-3 meters from the bass, and I wished to be seated with better balance of parts.

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