Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hydrangea in Kamakura – 鎌倉の紫陽花



Kamakura in June is busy with visitors regardless weekdays or weekends. The crowd’s destinations are Hase temple, Joju-in or Meigetsu-in, all known for hydrangea. It was such a sunny day today that I walked to Meigetsu-in with my SLR camera. I wanted to run on my bike but declined the thought considering no parking there. Actually, there was a tiny space next to the public phone box at the entrance, which was good to know.
The admission was 500 yen, and as you proceed in the garden you will be surrounded by hydrangea literally as it is nicknamed “hydrangea temple”. Flowers were relatively smallish, and under the clear sun, they looked rather moistless. I appreciate the sun for photo-shootings, but hydrangea in the rain displays more charming elegance.

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