Sunday, June 3, 2012

Off-season Fireworks in Zush – 季節はずれの逗子花火


Zushi Fireworks was cancelled last year right after the 3.11 earthquake/tsunami disaster, but it came back last night after 2 years of patience. The beach must have been packed by visitors because the traffic in Zushi during the day was so bad. One of reasons why they decided the event so early before the summer was the timing before building the beach shacks for more space while inviting less audience to avoid an overflow.
We went to Hiroyama Park this year as a change. The cars cannot access the park because the road is blocked at the entrance of Hiroyama Park Mansions. At 2 hours before the show, there were few people gathered yet, but the good spots were already taken and it was impossible to get the view overlooking the bay. We realized that the ideal area to photo-shoot was to go beyond the guradrails and sit on the slope. The fireworks in lower hights tended to be blocked by the trees or other obstacles and thus this was the place to enjoy the atmosphere rather than watching the full view of fireworks while avoiding too many people on the beach.

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