Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eggbeater Triple Ti – 続・卵泡立て器という名のビンディング・ペダル

僕はEggbeater 1を使ってみて、この特殊形状のペダルが気に入ったので、もう一台の自転車もビンディングを統一しなくてはと考えていた。


I won Eggbeater 3Ti pedals in eBay bids the other day. The cost was not cheap for the used product, but considering the price of their top-of-the-line model, this may be the logical decision for a realist. I did not know about this model in detail, but this seems like the second top model in their older line-up. The only noticeable difference compared to 4Ti was the spindle, but the weight is more or less the same 170g approximately. I am a happy user of CB’s unique pedals, namely Eggbeater 1 right now, and needed another pair for my second bike.
There are some people who are not so happy with Eggbeater though. I should note 2 points with caution: Firstly, because the area to support the shoe is so small, the rebound of your big stomp on the crank, particularly in hill climbs for example, will not be distributed to wider area of the sole and consequently kicks back your foot. In my case, I only put small loads on pedals as a mediocre rider, and I don’t sense such rebounds luckily.
Another issue is more serious because there were a few people who said that the spindle broke in 2 pieces. Someone wrote that he was lucky as he was not running in high speed, but it is still dangerous. If you put your bike in an exacting condition with heavy loads and in MTB situation, a more precise care may be necessary. Crank Brothers manages well-organized maintenance kits recommending periodic overhawls, and I don’t worry much myself. A good reference about maintenace shown below:

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