Thursday, May 10, 2012

白根山 - Tour de Kusatsu Route


Early morning, 8th of May, I left my room for a hill-climb running to Mt. Shirane as far as I could make. Because of the sudden weather change with rain and thunders half day before, the wet road was a part of my worry. There was little traffic before 8 in the morning comfortably, and the ropeway station that I had challenged last time was fairly easy to reach, but the load actually accumulated going beyond. I passed points with magnificent views, but I was too busy with the pedals to pay attention on the landscape. As the altitude escalated, it became too cold to continue, and I had to pause once to put on my windbreaker, and then later once again to have nutrition gel drink. A non-stop hill-climb is not really my goal. I kept pedaling exhaustedly in the end.
It took me 1 hour 27 minutes to reach the summit that virtually ranks me 63rd of total 71 participants of the age group of 60’s in the last year’s Tour de Kusatsu hill climb event. Being less serious rider, I felt happy with the average speed of 8.4km/h.

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