Thursday, May 10, 2012

小海沿線を走る - Run along Koumi Line


最初は小海線の下を並行して清里まで走ろうと思っていたのだが、折角なら八ヶ岳高原道路という昔は有料道路だったルートも起伏が少なくて眺めも良いからと、そちらを走ってみることにしたので、小淵沢駅より少し上にある道の駅でドリンク類を補給し、ここから登坂開始。天候はパッとしない曇り空だったが、すぐに雨がパラつき始めた。 しばらく登って森の駅を過ぎると道が少し平坦になって脚休めできる。しかし清里まではいずれにしても登り基調の行程と考えた方がよい。




The plan for the second day was to run from Kobuchizawa to Saku along Koumi Line, and then Karuizawa to Kusatsu by bus. In order to get the last bus at 16:30, I need to arrive at Sakudaira sufficiently before 15:50 Shinkansen train. This should be manageable considering the hill climb is limited to the first 20km with only 500 meters in altitude.
I had thought of taking the lower road to Kiyosato, but another suggestion was to take Yatsugatake Highland Road without many ups and downs while offering great views. So I went to Michi no Eki (Station on road) that was located slightly upper than Kobuchizawa train station. I bought a couple of bottled beverage there and started climbing. The weather was truly cloudy, but it started raining soon. Passing by Mori no Eki (Forrest station), the road got flat for a while but Kiyosato was in the ascending direction anyway basically.
While the rain coming and going, I heard thunders in addition far away, and they sounded following me in the back. The rain got stronger and I had to put my rain wear on. At the crossing of Mt. Tennyo, I could take the right road down to Kai-Oizumi station, but I felt like continuing at least up to Kiyosato which must be only a few more kilometers away.
Despite the last day of Golden Week holidays, this road was almost empty, and it was good for bike runners (although I met only one). The weather was not inviting the views around, but I arrived at a vista point called Makiba Park.
The Highland Road joins in the end with R141 going forward, but I thought there was not much point in running further in this weather along Koumi Line, and decided to descend to Kiyosato Station. This downhill was exactly straight and my bike exceeded 60km/h in velocity going down, which was exciting. At the station, an old locomotive was displayed, so I took a shot of it with my bike side by side.
The gain of Day 2: 1h35m in time, 18.3km in distance and 630m in altitude.


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