Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ガーディナーの新譜モテット集 - Bach's Motets by Gardiner


The new release of Gardiner and Monteverdi Choir arrived from UK. It is Motets by Bach, and the recording of their London concert last October. In the liner notes, Gardiner writes "by the time I was eleven or twelve I knew the treble parts of all of them more or less by heart", and I thought that was the very environment that made him grow successfully.
As for me, these motets are not so familiar except longer BWV 225 and 227. Without the accompaniment of full orchestra, the music tends to remain as Chorus repertoire. Gardiner continues to remind "Bach expected all his pupils to sing and to master" and concludes "the most perfect, and in some ways the most hypnotic, set amongst his works."
I have a CD by Junghänel which is sung in OVPP therefore more like intimate chamber music. In contrast, Gardiner is smoother and silky. If listened in live, this performance must have been undoubtedly touching with Monteverdi Choir's precisely controlled singing in every detail. The chorus can transmit such an immense power.

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