Friday, May 17, 2013

草津温泉とヒルクライム – Hill-climb in Kusatsu Onsen




On way back from Tohoku, we did not directly return to Tokyo and stayed in Kusatsu in the latter part of Golden Week holidays. During these days, unusual number of tourists visited here and cars were completely jammed in the town.
Since I was carrying Orbea Onix bike in this trip, it was logical to attack the Mt. Shirane on such a wonderful day. About 2 weeks ago, a friend of mine had registered in “Tour de Kusatsu” hill-climb bike race which was unfortunately cancelled due to the heavy snow. Even with my poor legs, it is usually enough for 90 minutes to reach the summit. As the data showed, it took only 1h24m09s this time, a new record for myself, with the average speed of 8.97km/h and the cadence of 52rpm. I only focused on simply maintaining a certain pace rather than hurrying, but on the other hand it is apparent that some improvement in the cadence is essential for breaking the barrier of 9km/s speed. I basically hate hill-climbs but still hope to go to Mt. Norikura. I put a down jacket on and went downhill with the record-breaking 19m54s during which time I saw many bike riders were climbing. 

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