Monday, November 11, 2013

八ヶ岳の紅葉巡り - Autumnal Colors around Yatsugatake

Yellow Bridge of Yatsugatake-Kogen

A friend of mine phoned me telling the larch yellow was just in its peak and great that drove me to visit Yatsugatake area immediately. As we get in the Koumi train line area, the Yellow Bridge near Oizumi offers the panoramic views of not only Yatsu but also Mt. Fuji and South Alps.


There was a nice path beyond Masutomi hotspring with autumn colors along a torrent, but it was raining unfortunately, and I thought I should visit there next year again. I still enjoyed a great rainbow in the sky!


The second day was fair and clear without a cloud, and the bonus was the first snow cap this fall on the mountain.

First snow on Yatsugatake Mountains

The view of Yatsugatake mountains from a broad farm where a stone monument stands recognizing old colonists for deforestation.

Another vista point of mountains, a bit further away, is Nobeyama-Kogen/Hirasawa Pass. As we passed Nobeyama Observatory on our way, I was enchanted by the landscape and stopped the car to take pictures.

Near Nobeyama Observatory

"Doesn't this look like Yosemite?" we talked each other in Mizugaki Nature Park.

Mt. Mizugaki
Mizugaki Park

Lake Matsubara
This year red color is poor and not burning. We visited Lake Matsubara and Toryu Fall in vain...
Toryu Waterfall

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