Monday, March 23, 2015

本白根山 Snow Walk - Mt. Motoshirane




The ropeway

See a group of few people in the middle!

アクションカム動画はこちら。A short movie clip:

Thanks to Kusatsu International Ski Resort, Mt. Shirane is a precious treasure to enjoy a snowy panoramic view in the winter for those who are not expert climber.

First thing you do is to go to Tenguyama in the bottom of the ski resort to rent a pair of snow shoes. Then you pick a free-of-charge shuttle bus to the ropeway station where you take a lift to hoist yourself effortlessly to the altitude of 2000m. Actually, there are two Mt. Shiranes here. One is Kusatsu-Shirane in the direction of Mt. Yokote, and the other is Moto-Shirane in the south. Both are about 2170m high, thus it will be gaining only less than 200m altitude when it comes to climbing. A least exacting snow trekking so to speak!

When I visited here a few years ago, we climbed Kusatsu-Shirane, but this time the entry was prohibited and instead Moto-Shirane was available. I tend to think the views are more gorgeous from Moto-Shirane, and there seem to be several routes to try from here for example down to Shizukayama, or Manza is visible fairly close. To go further, we will need to examine more details and risks to enjoy.

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