Tuesday, March 31, 2015

長興山の枝垂れ桜 - Weeping Cherry Trees of Choukousan


When it comes to sakura watching, you need to deal with the flood of people in Tokyo, but it is more relaxing in Odawara neighborhood. My favorite place is Azumayama Park in Ninomiya that I already posted in this blog. This year, I wanted to visit Choukousan as an extension of my bike riding to Odawara. It is accessible from Iriuda Station of Hakone Tozan (mountaineering) Railway otherwise. 
Luckily, they had a small space for bike parking though it was not ideal for road racers without stand.
The cherry trees in question are further away in the mountain, and you had to gain some 100m altitude: The reward indeed demands your effort.
There is an old tree with a big trunk, and another smaller weeping tree stands next to it. The third one was further up in the slope. Only three trees but you would enjoy their extended branches with full blossoms for a while. 

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