Thursday, April 30, 2015

弘前公園、再挑戦 - Cherry Blossoms in Hirosaki


If you plan visiting Hirosaki, the definite choice is the season of cherry blossoms in spring. A couple of years ago when we were there, the timing was too early and we only saw the buds on most trees. This year, we originally planned to leave on April 29, but the season was more rapidly shifting than expected, and we had to reschedule our trip departing on April 26 after a slight struggle of rearranging our train and hotel reservations.


We arrived at Shin-Aomori Station around 12:30 where we transferred to a local train directly heading for Hirosaki. The trees were in full bloom mostly to our satisfaction, but I would comment more precisely the timing was a day or two later than the ultimate. The days were hot like in the summer, and the watching was practically ending on the day we returned. In such a case, the guide book indicates that the cherry trees in the foot of Mt. Iwaki generally bloom a week or later than Hirosaki Park, and you can still follow them.


On Sunday in the season, you inevitably face with lots of visitors in queues everywhere, but it looked to me still quite relaxing considering how packed and tense the places were in Tokyo. It is almost a heaven to find a space to sit down as you wish in the garden and not being forced to bring back the garbage with you because they provide large trash boxes (just like good old days)!
We saw many foreign travelers this time and often heard such languages as Chinese, English and Korean. The young couple we asked to take our pictures were actually Taiwanese or Chinese.


The floating petals turn the water surface to white, which is one of attractions. The blossoms fall sooner in the outer bank of the Park.


The botanical garden (extra admission to pay) in the Park has variety of cherry trees planted and it is nice to cruise around them in much quieter environment. There is a long promenade called “Sakura Tunnel” along the west bank in the side of Mt. Iwaki, and it was such a gorgeous  walk under the blossoms.

Next time one-day round trip would be possible at the best timing, we thought. The season drifting earlier from the Golden Week holidays may be a tough situation for those in the tourist business here.

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