Thursday, June 2, 2016

Abenomics Failure, G7 & Consumption Tax - 危機をリスクにトーンダウンして首相はG7で言い訳作り



はしたない = 礼儀に外れていて見苦しいさま。慎みがなく下品なさま。[明鏡国語辞典]

PM Abe held a press conference on closing the Diet, and it only highlighted he was insanely incoherent. Firstly with regard to the employment and payment issues, he stressed that Abenomics was well on its track because some numbers were record-breaking in 25 years or first in this century. He sounded bluffing. Then turning to the world economy, he regarded the situation was in a risk similar to Lehman shock because of developing countries' slowdown. Only a few days before, on 23 May, the Government had issued its monthly report of economy to conclude it was in its steady course of recovery, but Abe did not care about the consistency as his aim was G7 to consent with the idea of a crisis or a risk resembling to Lehman so that he could use it as the unavoidable alibi for delaying the scheduled raise of consumption tax rate. What a shallow-mind!

“Hashitanai” = vulgar, shameful, lacking courtesy. 

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