Wednesday, May 7, 2008

La Folle Journée – 最終日のモツレクを聴く


I returned to Tokyo from the mountain with the clear sky behind heading for a concert in the last day of “La Folle Journée 2008” at International Forum in Yurakucho. This year’s theme was Schubert but somehow Mozart’s Requiem was in the program that I got interested. Ensemble Vocal de Lausanne led by Michel Corboz collaborated with Sinfonia Varsovia from Poland.
As the usual problem, Hall A of 5000 capacity here was excessive for a small ensemble. My seat was not bad at all in the third raw on the second floor, but lacked with the physical energy required. Specifically the lower voices of chorus were almost buried somewhere. Among soloists, Japanese Soprano was the most reasonable while Tenor was a poor performer. I am sorry to say that the overall skill occasionally seemed not in the highest level, and Mr. Corboz’s music appeared to me fluent and flowing rather than sympathetic which might be characterized as French school flavor.

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