Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Portrait of Jeanne Hébuterne – ジャンヌ・エビュテルヌの肖像


Among portraits in “Modigliani & Primitivisme” exhibition, particularly distinguished was “Jeanne with bare shoulders”. Above all, I see no sense of melancholic or languish air there. Her eyes and the color of her skin reveal a brilliance of solid being. Tilted head is quite usual with Modigliani’s portraits, but at a glance the idea came to my mind that this overlapped with Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”. Jeanne poses just as Venus in Uffizi. Here each painter expresses a woman as adored and admired subject almost like toward the Goddess.
In 1919 a daughter was born between them, and returned to Paris from Nice. Through this portrait, I can imagine their relation was shining regardless of their suffering life.
In 1920, when Modigliani died at the age of 35, Jeanne Hébuterne was only 22 with their second child in her womb. She dived from the 5th floor apartment house to death chasing Modigliani.

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