Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thiel CS1.6 - 予想を超えた質の高さに驚く


I obtained a pair of Thiel CS1.6 speakers recently. I had been thinking of this model in my mind for a long time, but giving up a few times because I did not have a proper place to play it. Thiel is an American brand quite well known to audiophiles. Ideally speaking, the upper-marketed model CS2.3 is desirable, but even this younger sister model cost 400,000 Yen for a new pair. What I got was literally a second-hand model, and the condition was utterly excellent.
The first impression when I played them was that I see characters unique to Thiel but the size of reproducing music seemed somewhat miniature and it sounded difficult to raise the volume. The three-dimensional detail was precise while I felt the drivers were stiff to move and it did not have good openness. “Because the detail is revealing with Thiel, the users tend to play with relatively low volume.” was the comment of my friend M who is a CS2.3 user, and we decided to execute a “burn-in” or “aging”.
I picked some 20 CD’s of good recording and kept them playing during the day with louder volume one after another. This practice proved to bring an outstanding change in the sound when it went through with our company monitor speakers. This time again, we could see the sound got refined day by day as if peeling the skin. A week later, the speakers were mature enough with richer bass and smoother highs without edges, and this ceremony was complete.

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