Sunday, July 27, 2008

AES Conference in Osaka - 大阪出張





After the breakfast at Nadaman in Rihga Royal Nakanoshima, I am writing this. Outside the hotel is a burning summer day already in the morning. I came to Osaka to join the local conference of Audio Engineering Society for Friday and Saturday at the newly opened ABC Hall. The hall is rather compact and its interior was mostly black for versatile functionality.

There was a brilliant workshop yesterday discussing how to build the sound for games with reality, and the creator team of Capcon and Professor Hanyu of Nippon University brought each work to demo and explain the process they took. If creators can share such logical observations from deep knowledge, the sound of games will definitely rise to another height.

Another interesting session was a gathering of some senior people: Mr. Saeki of MBS who realized the first stereo radio broadcast using 2 AM waves in late 50's, Mr. Imashiro of NHK who executed the first live surround program in 1988 with high-school baseball national championship tournament, Mr. Kozai of ABC who was involved in the project of building the Symphony Hall in 1982, and Mr. Tanako who took the leadership to organize all the stations in Osaka to locally establish the cable standard with multiple conductors, known as JEEP cable. Why are Osaka people always so progressive?

In this conference, many college students participated reporting their study results on the display board or in the workshop actively.

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