Friday, October 31, 2008

Journey 3D - センター・オブ・ジ・アース

3Dをどこで見るかについては、最大手のREAL D方式(主にワーナーマイカル系劇場)の場合、シルバースクリーンなので端の席では効果や明るさで不利益が生じる可能性がある。なるべく中央の席を選ぶこと。ドルビー3D方式(T-ジョイなど)は、質の面では他より信頼できると思うが、メガネへの写り込みがやや気になる。今日の上映の印象では、画面がやや暗めかなという気がした。XpanD方式(TOHOシネマズなど)は今回初お目見えだが、これは液晶メガネのアクティブ型となっており、残像のせいかすごく疲れるという噂を複数聞いた。

I went to see The Center of the Earth today. The number of audience was only 9 despite the last cycle on Friday. I did not feel fatiguing at all due to stereoscope, and enjoyably accepted the new flavor in movie entertainment. Because this film was produced as a 3D movie and in fact shown only in 3D in the States, it makes sense to watch this in a 3D theater to fully enjoy it.
Where then? The most major REAL D (mainly in Warner-Mycal theaters) uses a silver screen which may be disadvantageous in the seats in both ends for the effect and the brightness, therefore it is recommended to get the seats in the middle. Dolby 3D (T-Joy theaters) may be most reliable in the picture quality, but the background reflection on the glass surface may be annoying. I had an impression that the screen tended darker today. XpanD (Toho Cinemas) is their first debut this time, but I heard the rumor from plural sources that it was very fatiguing due to something like residual images in the active liquid crystal glasses.

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