Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sakura and Samurai’s Spirit – サムライ魂と桜


Vive Samurai Japan! We’ve won World Baseball Classics again! Ichiro in deep question conquered the summit in the very end, and thus one player left behind was probably Fukudome of Chicago Cubs whose high spirit was not visible at all throughout this event.
And now comes the cherry blossom season. Today, while large buds are about to explode in Dankazura of Kamakura, early-growing Keio-sakura in my room is already in full bloom. The heart of Japanese finds the beauty or “awaré” in falling cherry blossoms’ short and clean lives. Osamu Hashimoto wrote repeatedly in his book titled “Blessing of Hideo Kobayashi” that the ultimate love extended by Norinaga Motoori, an 18th century scholar, was toward the cherry and that awaré meant not only the sense of sadness but heart-touching.

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