Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ヘンデルのロドリーゴ – Handel’s “Rodrigo”

Al Ayre Españolの演奏でヘンデルの「ロドリーゴ」を約束通り入手して聴きました。
このオペラはVicer se stesso è la maggior vittoria (己に勝つことが大きな勝利)というのが本当の題名で、第一幕、第三幕などかなりの部分が散逸していたため、それらのピースが発見され再構築によって演奏可能になったのはここ何十年かの研究による成果とのことです。
録音は24ビット96kHzの Zaxcomを使い、モニタースピーカーはSonus Faberとデータが記されていました。空間的にはコンパクトな録音だと思います。

As promised, I obtained and listened to Handel’s “Rodrigo” performed by Al Ayre Español. The true title of this opera is “To conquer oneself is the greatest victory”; the large portions of Acts 1 and 3 have long been lost and its realization had to wait for discoveries and reconstructions through studies in the recent few decades.
Soloists in this recording except one tenor were all in female voice range with 3 sopranos, a mezzo-soprano, and a counter-tenor conflicting with male roles in some cases, but this arrangement sounded reasonable in the sense of music performance. I found Anne-Catherine Gillet among them who had played Micaëla in “Carmen” at Opera Comique.
The overall impression was not as moving as “Amadigi”, and it seemed more an experimental work to be truly “Italian” by young and ambitious Handel before being recognizable exactly as Handel. Between recitativoes were some amiable melodies in arias that must had been successful, and those in Act 2 were quite dramatic.
For recording, they used Zaxcom 24-bit 96k system and Sonus Faber was the monitor speaker according to the data. The acoustics was compact dimensionally.

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