Monday, October 12, 2009

白根山 - Mt. Shirane

カメラはニコンD5000が電源関連部品の不具合によるリコールで修理中なので、以前のCOOLPIX P50を持って来た。

From Kusatsu hotsprings, we went to Mt. Shirane today and up above was perfectly clear autumn sky. It has been a while since we stopped by at this volcanic summit last time, and the usual approach to Yugama Lake was closed. The alternative route was on the left that offered splendid views of Yumiike Lake or Japan Alps mountains. We were told that the underground temperature went up extremely indicating increased volcanic activity and the surrounding area of 500-meter diameter was made prohibited to enter since this spring.
The return bus was somewhat smallish vehicle of Kusakaru Transportation and it was fully packed, but the driver kept explaining various details of sights like a tour guide to make the ride almost an entertaining sight-seeing tour.
As for pictures, my Nikon D5000 is gone for a repair of recalled electronic component and I brought my old COOLPIX P50.

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