Thursday, October 1, 2009

鞆の浦 – Plan on hold in Tomonoura


The new bridge construction across the bay in Tomonoura, Hiroshima has been my concern and I thought Fujita (Governor and junior in school) enjoyed little wisdom to value the traffic problem against Tomonoura as our cultural asset. I feel quite comfortable today with the court’s order to halt the construction in concern of its damaging the scenery.
To me, Hiroshima is my birthplace, and among a few times of my past visits to Tomo, particularly memorable was when I walked around the town with my college classmate staying her family home for one night. We had something in common: we were freshman (& woman) in Tokyo from the same countryside.
Tokyo metropolitan highway is an example how ugly a development could be as it covers over Nihonbashi bridge, the core landmark of Japan itself. Once done, no way to be retrieved, and Yamba dam appears to be another same issue.

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