Saturday, October 17, 2009

続・タメルラーノ – Tamerlano continued


I wrote about Domingo and Temerlano in end August, and afterward I was looking for a performance with counter-tenor singers. In the end, what I came across with was the recording by Gardiner under Erato label.
Two singers featured in this stage were Derek Lee Ragin for Andronicus and Michael Chance for Tamerlano, a most interesting couple. For me, Michael was so impressive in Messiah many years ago that he fundamentally built a solid confidence in me for counter-tenors. As for Derek, he was one of two singers whose voices, female and male, were engineered to compose the voice of “Farinelli” the movie. His emotional singing was the highlight of the making DVD of this movie, and I was thinking of trying more Handel songs by him.
This performance was recorded in 1985, some three years after the renowned Gardiner’s “Messiah”, which means that he challenged this opera in rather early days. Having chased him and his concerts in San Francisco, Granada, and Paris so far, I was kind of secretly proud of being a rare and passionate Japanese fan of the Monteverdi Choir as such, but in reality there are still so many things that I am not totally aware of.
The quality of performance is quite high and because this opera contains many charming arias, I can spare my time for a while long enough to listen to and compare two different performances.

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