Tuesday, September 29, 2009

平等院 - Byodoin, Uji


I visited Byodoin in Uji yesterday. Uji is only 15 minutes away with a rapid train from Kyoto station therefore its accessibility is much more efficient than Golden Pavillion or some other places in the city. It also guarantees a wonderful walk around Phoenix Hall by the pond. A pair of phoenix placed on the rooftop are actually replicas and the genuine pair can be seen closely in the temple’s museum, Hoshokan. This facility displays such impressive crafts as Eleven-Face Kwannon (Goddess of Mercy) and Temple Bell. Hoshokan was designed by Akira Awao, and I very much love this architecture. The concrete wall of long underground approach specifically incorporates a touch of laminated wood, and the wooden space to pause with a small garden out of the museum shop reflects careful consideration for comfort under the modern style of form.

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