Saturday, September 26, 2009



I got a good deal of VHS deck in the net auction, and am now busy copying old tapes into discs. Those once-favorite TV programs include Mitsuko Uchida’s interview just before the opening of Suntory Hall, the first concert of Horowitz in Japan on which Hidekazu Yoshida commented that it was like an antique with some chips by that time and that he really wished to have listened to him much sooner, and various concert tours by European orchestras in late 80’s.
In the beginning, I thought of an integrated product of VHS/DVD/HDD, but it cost 40 to 50 thousand Yen, and considering the fact that the content will be first dumped to HDD storage for editing, I decided to focus on a plain but high-quality VHS deck. The model I eventually got was JVC HM-DR10000 that was old enough but unlike recent cheap stuff and it even featured D-VHS. What I appreciated the most was the stable picture perhaps because of TBC.

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