Saturday, September 5, 2009

ユキヒョウ - Snow Leopard

昨日のニュースで、多摩動物園だったかな、ユキヒョウの赤ちゃんが一般公開と言ってましたね。雪豹と言えば、マックのOS更新にあたって、我が家で飼っているマックの中にTigerが1匹いたので、入れ替え可能なファミリーパックのBox Setを買って帰ったのですが、これは迂闊でした。新しいSnow LeopardはインテルMacしか使えなかったのです。Tigerを積んでいたPowerMac G5は対象外。それならこんな高いフルバージョンを買わなくても、5600円のアップグレード版で良かったのに。そろそろこのG5も引退ということかなあ・・・

It said in last night’s news that the newly born snow leopard baby started being shown to visitors. I guess it was in Tama Zoo. Talking about snow leopard, in order to properly upgrade the Mac OS, I bought a Box Set Family Pack because I recalled that we had a Tiger in my home, but I was actually careless. The new Snow Leopard works only with Intel Macs, and the older PowerMac G5 with Tiger OS was out of the picture there. Then I did not have to pay this much because I could have done with the plain upgrade package for only 5600 Yen. It might be time for this magnificent tower to retire anyway…
This OS installation was very time-consuming. With my Mac Air, the system indicated 1 hour to finish, but it actually took too far long, particularly after it showed the last 1 or 2 minutes where the real progress was more than 10 times slow, and I gave up watching to go to bed. The information the system provides was completely deceptive.

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