Thursday, December 3, 2009

Colors of Da Vinci – レオナルドの色彩



I saw a TV program in which Da Vinci’s paintings were restored in the computer processing with the help of a multi-spectral camera developed by Lumière, a French company. I was extremely excited with this. From the captured data, they first identified which oil colors were used on the canvas and adopted the colors from the original material. Secondly, the brownish effect of varnish through hundreds of years was eliminated. Then finally, the cracks were also removed. In this way, “Lady with an Ermine” now reveals the detail patterns of her veil as well as the finess of the ermine’s fur, and one can realize the vivid and young atmosphere in the original. The same effort was applied to “Mona Lisa” in corporation with Louvre, and the result was fantastic like an epoch.
If I may speak, I would wish someone reproduces this achievement in a more concrete form of replica rather than on the computer monitor display with limited technological specifications. For example, in Naruto City is Ohtsuka International Museum where they create replicas of world’s asset of arts on ceramic boards and display them. They should be ready to replicate one using the newly achieved graphic data through the work of the restoration.

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