Wednesday, December 2, 2009

秋の汚名挽回 – Autumnal Stigma Removed



As I learned that the peak for the autumn leaves in Kamakura was early December, I decided to get back to the valley while the weather was nice today. See the colors, and how can one complain with these? To the point where people watch the leaves is a little over 10 minutes’ walk of gentle slopes but it gets steeper just before getting there. Last time and this time too, the road was so muddy and slippery that I saw a few poor visitors fell on their buttocks.

After the Valley, I went to Kakuonji Temple which was close enough from Kamakura Shrine. The garden in their precincts was rather compact but flamboyant with red, and the visitors tended to sit on the bench and watch the garden for a while.

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