Saturday, November 28, 2009

Susan Boyle CD - 夢やぶれて

「夢やぶれて」のアルバムが届いた。何と言っても選曲が良いよね。ワールドクラスの制作チームに支えられたアルバムという感じ。Daydream Believerは僕の好きな曲だけど、すごくスローに歌って味わい深かったです。でも彼女の歌の良さが一番生きるのは切々と心情を歌い上げるような曲でしょうか、選曲にもそんな配慮がうかがえます。Proudなんか、素晴らしく良いですね。

“I Dreamed A Dream” album has arrived. Above all, the selection of songs was just outstanding. It appears that this album was realized by the full support of a world-class production team. “Daydream Believer” is one of my favorite songs; Susan sang it very slow and it was so tasteful. But I think what makes the most of her gifted talent is in such songs that arise with earnest and emotional feelings. The album attentively weighs in this direction, too. For example, “Proud” is utterly fabulous.
I talked about Susan Boyle a few days ago with a French friend of mine who commented rather severely that she had an exceptionally beautiful voice but no technique professionally. But in my observation, her voice in “Wings To Fly” was almost like a boy soprano, and I thought she knew the ways to control the characters of her voice depending on the expression she wanted to achieve.

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