Friday, November 20, 2009

InterBEE 2009

ざっと会場を回って僕が自分で一番使ってみたいとしたら、多分Flying Cam。リモコンヘリの赤い頭のところからレンズが覗いているが、これで空撮するって楽しそう!

I went to Makuhari today to see InterBEE exhibition. I did not plan it originally, but I happen to have a few things to do in Tokyo and thus just extended my train ride. It was good that I could see a few old friends and breathe the characteristic air of this industry after a rather long absence.
In general, I did not see any excitingly new products, but major exhibitors put some effort of preparation for 3D. Panasonic for example has been trying to lead the format introduction in BD in this area, and Sony can no more just overlook the progress this time. The picture shown above is the Sony booth packed with the audience where they provide the main presentation. Unfortunately, the effect was not great with the disposal paper 3D glasses.
What I would want to use for myself is probably the Flying Cam. Shooting video from high above manipulating the remote helicopter must be exciting!

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