Sunday, November 8, 2009

十一面観音のこと - Eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy


I visited Murouji temple. Remote enough from the noise of visitors in Nara, a somewhat tranquil tour to the temple in the mountain is assured, yet the bus from the train station was full in this weekend. Murouji is situated in a comfortable environment and there are a few impressive statues. For example in Gold Sanctuary is the Eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy on the left end. I recently saw a beautiful Eleven-faced Kannon at Byodoin, and also at Nara National Museum there was a display explaining their work to capture the data of “Hanging Scroll of Eleven-faced Kannon, Color on Silk” in extreme high resolution digitally. This Goddess may attract the devotion of artists as She is believed to release us from variety of troubles in this world. In this trip, a local program caught my attention that invites visits to total 88 faces in 8 temples.
It looks difficult to plan one in the rest of the year but probably next April I would combine a trip to Yoshino for cherry blossoms and Shorinji, and then I could cover Kairyuoji and Hokkeji temples for those faces.
I borrowed a book by Masako Shirasu titled “A Pilgrimage to Eleven-faced Goddesses”, and I can gain some more knowledge before the trip.

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