Friday, November 27, 2009

労多くして・・・Much work to gain little


In chase for autumn leaves, I went to Shishitani, a valley highly-talked about in Kamakura. The weather was wonderfully fair and despite the weekday morning, the train station front was filled with old generation groups of people. We first went to Kamakura Shrine and walked to Kamegafuchi Bridge, then the promenade starts uphill soon. The road was rather wet and muddy which was not comfortable and there was only one spot where we could see red trees throughout the path. We may have come too early the season. Only focusing on not to slip, we went up to Ten-en hilltop. To avoid the added risk downhill, we took another path heading to Zuisenji Temple, which was much drier. I saw the most beautiful autumn leaves afterward in someone’s garden rather than in the mountain.

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