Sunday, December 13, 2009

PROMSラスト・ナイト – British style of affection in music


Last night, I stayed up until well past 2 o’clock watching “Last Night” of PROMS on TV. Energy and passion of the audience in the huge concert hall and its entire view from unusual and dizzy camera angle made me illusively feel as if in the concert myself.
I have been to PROMS years ago once. There were no seats in the arena, and people sat on the ground or stood to listen to the music. As I watched the program, Royal Albert Hall had not been that colorful in my recollection.
“Last Night” was some show, sort of gala concert, and the ticket price was beyond 300 pounds according to the Internet! A good compromise might be to join in the mass that gathers in the neighboring Hyde Park where BBC distributes the content feed. The size and the concept of this outdoor setting was by any means no comparison to those of our Saito-Kinen concert shown at Roppongi via Asahi Broadcast.
It seemed there existed known procedures in the Last Night, as people waved the flags in the anera as an example. The final performance was Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance” which was obviously very much loved by the British, and the entire auditorium was by then totally unified. David Anderson, the conductor, was witty to point out to the audience afterward to pronounce more T in the ending, saying “It is very clear. This is the nation built on T!” With this agitation, the encore replaying the last phrase was sung with a greater care. It was not the real end as the entire temperature escalates, and they go on with the national anthem and “auld lang syne”, therefore one have to be prepared for singing at least 4 lyrics if he dares to join this event.
It is wonderful and amusing to see how British people enjoy music from their heart in such an event, and at the same time, it was said the donations for supporting music activities reached 77000 pounds. I think this BBC project should be highly praised.

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