Thursday, January 28, 2010

FACTA – そして日経新聞電子版

満を持してか、遅蒔きながらか、日経が電子版の新聞を春に発行する。それがどんな使い方になるか、今日の朝刊でも1ページ割いて解説していたが、それではと日経のサイトに行ってみても「詳細は決まり次第案内します」としか書かれていないFAQ のお粗末さにがっかりする。その料金体系をスクープしたのは雑誌FACTAだ。最新の2月号によると、月額4000円、さらにプラス1000円出せば現在4300円の紙版も配達されることに決まったと書かれている。

A bit too late or thoroughly prepared, whichever it would be, Nikkei is publishing their electronic news in the spring. In their today’s morning paper, one page was allocated to explain how functional and attractive this service would be, but once you get in their web site to find more details, they only give a disappointing note “to be informed when available” and that’s all of their FAQ’s! A Magazine FACTA had a scoop in the recent February issue in which it said Nikkei’s electronic subscription fee was decided to be 4000 Yen monthly and the additional 1000 Yen covers the printed version, too.
As for FACTA, I subscribe it partly because my classmate Yamamoto (the author of the book about Yoriyasu Arima’s diary) posts a series of short writings every month, but the magazine is unique in attempting to reach the real core of issues deep under the skin in contrast to typical Japanese media scratching the surface. My father-in-law recently visited us and seemed quite excited in reading past several issues for a while. I hope this magazine grows steadily offering and discussing multiple viewpoints.

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